What we offer


With over 40 nationalities and two official languages, EUROCONTROL is an intergovernmental organisation working with our stakeholders to support all aspects of European aviation, drawing on world-class aviation expertise.  We offer our staff a stimulating international and multicultural work environment, and provide a highly competitive package that at the same time strives to achieve a great work-life balance. 


  • Salaries of officials/servants and contract staff are defined in our salary grid which you can consult here.
  • Family allowances: We pay a monthly dependent child allowance and school expenses for children under 6 years and up to 18. We reimburse primary and secondary school fees up to a maximum amount.
  • Newcomer package: New staff members receive this when they take up their duties: the Agency reimburses removal expenses and pays travel costs for new staff members and their families. New staff members are entitled to an installation allowance which is equal to one month’s basic salary (for single staff) or two basic salaries (for staff members with a family).
  • Expatriation: Staff members recruited as expatriates receive a permanent expatriation allowance equal to 16% of their basic salary. They are also entitled to have their children attend the European school with the full reimbursement of fees and associated school transport costs. Expatriate staff who prefer to send their children to another international school will receive an equivalent amount to the European school fees. We also pay annual travel expenses to cover the cost of travel to each staff member’s place of origin.
  • Departure package: Like the installation package, the departure package covers costs in returning from the place of employment to the place of origin.
  • Salary/career progression: EUROCONTROL operates a system of grades and steps. There are 5 steps in each grade, and a step advancement occurs every two years subject to satisfactory performance. Steps can be accelerated via the annual rewards exercise, which also provides the possibility for grade promotion, in both cases recognising exceptionally good performance. Salaries are also adjusted annually via a method designed to reflect inflation and living costs. Staff may also be promoted by succeeding in internal competitions when these offers access to a higher grade or job category.


  • Teleworking: Staff members can work from home for up to 40% of their working time; this can be on a regular or an ad hoc basis.
  • Part-time: Staff may request to work 50, 60, 70, 80 or 90% of the time with our flexible working arrangements. Pension rights and career progression can also be maintained.
  • Parental / family leave: This can be at 50% or full-time and we have specific provisions for single parents.
  • Flexitime: EUROCONTROL has a flexible working hours system within the 40-hour week for non-operational staff. It is possible to take up to two days off a month in recuperation if you have accumulated sufficient additional hours.
  • We offer 20 weeks of maternity leave or adoption leave.
  • Leave: Each staff member is entitled to two days of normal leave per month. More leave days are added according to the length of service, age and grade. In addition, 18 public holidays - or compensation days if the public holiday falls on a weekend - are allowed every year. Expatriate staff are entitled to an extra two and a half days each year to cover travel time to their place of origin. There is also a wide range of leave granted for special reasons, such as marriage, the serious illness of a child, moving house, etc.


  • All staff members are automatically covered by our internal sickness insurance scheme. For a small contribution (2% of the basic salary), up to 85% of staff members’ medical expenses may be recovered, rising to 100% in the case of serious illnesses. Staff may, if they choose, take out additional hospitalisation insurance to cover 100% of hospitalisation costs.
  • Family members (dependent children, spouses or legally recognised partners) may also be covered by the insurance scheme without any increase in the staff member’s contribution.  This medical cover can be for primary cover or a top-up for national insurance schemes (in this case, the national insurance reimburses medical expenses first). To qualify for the top-up cover, the staff member’s spouse/partner has to have an annual income that is less than the authorised ceiling.


  • Staff make a small contribution to the accident insurance scheme of just 0,056% of their basic salary. It allows the staff member to be covered fully (100%) for all medical costs linked to an accident (professional but also private). Should the staff member die in service, their heirs will be paid a sum equivalent to three months of the basic salary if the death was a natural one, or five years if the death was caused by an accident, as well as the pension entitlements defined below for the survivor(s).


  • EUROCONTROL offers an attractive pension scheme. Each year of service entitles a staff member to 1,8% of pension rights leading to a pension that may be a maximum of 70% of the basic salary. Pensions are calculated on the last-earned basic salary.
  • Should a staff member die, a widow/er’s pension equal to 60% of the staff member’s pension is granted to their spouse. Dependent children receive an orphan’s pension.
  • Working arrangements close to retirement: There is a possibility to reduce working-time when a staff member is at the end of his/her career. This can be done in several ways: either by working regular part-time at 50, 60, 70, 80 or 90%; pre-retirement part-time (50% and being paid between 60 and 80% depending on seniority) or through the accumulation of days off, thanks to a leave savings account.


  • We offer different possibilities for mobility. At headquarters in Brussels, there are public transport connections going in and out of the city centre. The headquarters also have indoor and outside parking including charging points for electric cars.
  • Health and leisure are important: Each site has an active staff association to organise activities such as music, badminton, bowling, tennis, squash, volleyball, etc., and there are fitness facilities offering also group courses.
  • There are restaurant facilities at each site with a wide variety of meal choices at reasonable prices, and we aim to use energy and natural resources intelligently and sustainably.