Air Traffic Systems (ATS) Engineer


Joining Maastricht UAC was a kind of a dream. The centre is top-class in innovation.

The operational environment at Maastricht is unique and always very open to innovation. Time to research and innovate is readily granted; the mind-set is to trial new ideas that might allow operations to develop further.

My work consists in developing new systems, mainly related to manpower planning and tactical tools, as support to our Air Traffic Controllers (ATCOs) and the Operations Room (OPS Room). I am a Lead Programmer and Training Instructor in this domain. I am busy trying to increase capacity by designing new algorithms and implement a system to manage better the ATCO workforce. To this end, I make use of the latest technologies available in the domain. Having regular contact with ATCOs, over the years, a strong bond has been built, which enables us to exchange thoughts on business needs. In my work, I feel a mix of passion and pleasure. I enjoy what I do and I am passionate about my work.

New faces are always welcome here; new recruits are asked from the very start to give feedback on ongoing initiatives; and new colleagues are directly taken on board. People make you feel important, make you feel you belong here, and your opinion is valued.

Working as a team is key, and this is what I experience day-to-day. I have nice colleagues around me. We support each other, and we like to challenge each other in a very professional way, to make things go further. MUAC contributes to this positive atmosphere and organises regular social events where staff can exchange and socialise outside their working environment. I must say, it is a great enabler for establishing good working relationships for the benefit of the business.

I believe the key to sustainability is to build human relations combined with business relations, and this is exactly what I have found at EUROCONTROL’s Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre.