Operations Manager in the NM Operations Centre

Munevver Celik

I was an air traffic controller in Istanbul before I joined EUROCONTROL. I wanted to go abroad and acquire experience in a different environment with different cultures so I started to look for a job outside Turkey and this is how I ended up at EUROCONTROL.

I started as an air traffic flow controller in the CFMU (now NM) and later became a Network Manager. I was involved in various projects – it was a great experience, working with new people, brainstorming together and looking for new ways of working.

Since 2014, I have been an Operations Manager in Network Operations, and the first woman to be appointed to this managerial role! It is challenging, as traffic has significantly increased as has complexity. We need to effectively manage airspace capacity and reduce flight delays. NM Operations Centre is best placed to do this, as we have a central view of the network and enormous expertise.

I enjoy the multi-dimensional nature of my work. The environment can be quite stressful at peak times, especially in the busy summer periods or when there are strikes. We have to manage crises and contingency situations; we’re involved in finding solutions, improvements, new approaches. Human relations is a big part of the job, dealing with my team and with our stakeholders - the air navigation service providers, the national authorities, airports and airspace users. What we do is transparent – we are an objective and neutral organisation. All this makes it a very interesting and good place to be.