Software Engineering Unit

Benjamin Cramet

EUROCONTROL gives added value to the ATM world.

It creates an environment which is open to the launching of projects, and indeed has many projects underway in the engineering field. Our expertise is unbelievable; the level of engineering within our organisation is unique - and we have unique operational systems.

Our position and role enable us to have easy access to all those who contribute to the ATM world, which gives us a very broad range of connections. Our environment is based on cooperation (internal and external) rather than on competition, which makes our work all the more attractive.

My job involves giving our stakeholders access to NM data and services using an API (ATM application programming interface). I provide assistance in developing software and data, based on the NM systems. Sharing this data enables our clients to solve local issues and, as a result, increases the efficiency of the network - which is our mission.

Personal initiatives are encouraged. I myself organised the first EUROCONTROL Hackathon in 2016. We invited students in the fields of software engineering, electronics design and similar fields to take part in this. The challenge was to help create the world’s most efficient radar data decoding system in Open Source; one which would be used by the entire aviation community. It was an incredible opportunity for students to showcase their coding talent. We selected two people from the Hackathon participants as trainees; one has become a member of staff at MUAC.

EUROCONTROL also allows us to take our careers in hand; we can take an active part in our professional development. There are possibilities for development and training, where this is justified by our responsibilities. We can continue to evolve, in terms of both our technical and our software skills.

On a personal level, EUROCONTROL allows us to combine our private and professional lives in the best possible manner. The working conditions are really great. There is also a high level of social dialogue, which is good for the well-being of the staff.