• Function title: ECAC CASE II Project Aviation Security Expert
  • Reference: NOC-ECAC-2021-AD/297
  • Location: ECAC Secretariat, Neuilly-sur-Seine
  • Nature of competition: Internal and external competition
  • Applicable regulations: Conditions of Employment of staff exclusively seconded to the ECAC Secretariat
  • Grades for publication: AD5-6
  • Type of post: Administrator (AD5-AD12 )
  • Number of posts: 1
  • Duration: 3 Year (s)
  • Directorate/Service: ECAC Secretariat
  • Competition publication date: 15/04/2021
  • Competition closing date: 27/05/2021 (23:59 Brussels time)
  • Reserve list: Applicable - See details in the "Useful information" section

Your team

The ECAC Secretariat serves the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) in promoting the continued development of a safe, secure, efficient and sustainable European air transport system within its 44 Member States. It sustains extensive activities in the safety, security, facilitation, environment and economics field.

Your role

Your role will be to:

  • organise and deliver capacity-building activities, for example by acting as moderator of a workshop, trainer or coach, depending on the activity;
  • coordinate and collaborate with points of contact in the Partner States for the organisation of activities;
  • provide briefings (e.g. training expectations, service levels, health requirements, etc) to external experts participating in these activities;
  • produce reports and other documents such as activity reports (description/evaluation of the situation on-site and providing of recommendations) and assessment reports (measurement of outcome) as follow-up of all activities delivered;
  • develop new activities (e.g. workshop programme, training courses, etc) and related material based on Partner States’ needs;
  • carry out any other task in line with the main purpose of the job.

Required qualifications, experience & competencies

  • Completed university studies of 3 years in a relevant domain (e.g. aviation; engineering, relevant scientific or technical discipline; law). Master would be an asset;
  • Internal candidates should check on the intranet to see what level of in-house experience is considered equivalent to educational qualifications where appropriate;
  • A minimum of 1 years’ relevant working experience including experience in a civil aviation administration or an aviation-related organisation;
  • Aviation security inspector/auditor/trainer certificate would be an advantage;
  • Experience in aviation security (e.g. policy, operations) in one or several of the following fields: risk assessment, compliance monitoring, definition and implementation of security measures;
  • Experience in capacity-building activities in aviation security, ideally at international level;
  • Knowledge of EU/ECAC/ICAO aviation security measures and policies;
  • English drafting skills;
  • Communication: Fosters two-way communication;
  • Problem solving: Anticipates and solves business issues;
  • Planning & Organising: Plans ahead and adapts as required;
  • Quality focus: Sets and fosters high quality standards;
  • Result focus: Seeks to improve personal performance.
  • Ability to work in a multinational and multicultural environment;
  • Professional conduct in line with the corporate behaviours of the Agency, i.e. result-driven, readiness to change, customer focus, integrity and team-player approach;
  • The working languages of the Agency are English and French. For this particular job, candidates must be proficient users of English (level C1). Candidates will be required to become basic users of French at level A1 before the end of the probation period.
    The language levels are as defined in the European Language Levels – Self-Assessment Grid.

Useful information

  • Applications will be considered from nationals of ECAC Member States.
  • The successful candidate will be administratively assigned to the EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre in Brétigny-sur-Orge and seconded to the ECAC Secretariat, in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France.
  • This is an appointment for a determined period of 3 Year (s). It could be extended up to a maximum of 9 years or converted into a contract for an undetermined period. Before being established in the post, external candidates will be requested to provide certified copies of their degrees and successfully serve a probationary period of 9 months.
  • Internal candidates already appointed for an undetermined period: If successful, staff members will be appointed under the conditions set out above, while maintaining the previous terms of employment regarding their appointment. At the end of the period of employment mentioned above, if the assignment to this post is not extended or its duties do not become of a lasting nature, staff members will, in accordance with the applicable service regulations, be transferred to another post corresponding to their last type of post, grade and function group.
  • Internal candidates already appointed for determined period: If successful, the person will continue his/her current type of appointment within the appointment duration limits laid down in Annex Xb to the Staff Regulations/Conditions of Employment, or Annex VIII to the ECAC Conditions of Employment, whichever is applicable.
  • Contract staff are eligible to apply after having spent three years of service as contract staff.
  • The successful candidate will be appointed at the grade in the function group and to the type of post indicated in the vacancy notice or, if a group of grades has been published, in principle at the basic grade.
  • In the case of a reserve list, suitable candidates not selected for a post will be placed on a reserve list for similar functions. The period of validity of reserve lists is one year from the closing date for applications.
  • Information on the employment regulations governing this post can be found on the web page:
  • EUROCONTROL is an equal-opportunity employer.
  • Candidates should read the tips on how to apply.