How to apply


All job applications must be sent online via the online application form for the job in question that you are interested in.

Please note that we only process applications which have been submitted for advertised job offers - we do not read or process spontaneous (unsolicited) applications. 

Finally, please bear in mind that to be eligible to work at EUROCONTROL, you have to be a national of  one of our Member States.


When filling out your application, please keep in mind the following best practices:

1) Submit preferably your CV using the Europass format (create your Europass CV here). Make sure that you highlight in your Europass CV your technical and behavioural skills, knowledge and experience which are relevant to the job.

We have two competency models which list the technical and behavioural competencies that EUROCONTROL needs to meet its strategic objectives. In recruitment and selection, the models are used to help select candidates on the basis of key competencies defined in the vacancy notice.

Our technical competencies are clustered into domains of knowledge, while our behavioural competencies, which are more general competencies not linked to specific areas of work, refer to personal attitudes and abilities.

For each behavioural competency, four levels have been identified. Kindly refer to the model to find the level and behaviours expected for each level.

2) List in your Europass CV the achievements you are particularly proud of, placing especial emphasis on those directly relevant to the job advertised; this should also be reflected in the Questionnaire part of the online form when you talk about your motivation and strengths.

3) Indicate clearly in your Europass CV the years spent studying and the degree/s you have obtained.

4) If you are a recent graduate and have limited working experience, you may list in your Europass CV any school-related projects or initiatives you worked on, in addition to any work experience.

5) Indicate clearly your professional experience. Only experience considered relevant to the role and obtained after you gained the educational qualification giving you access to the competition will be taken into account as follows:

  • Paid work under any type of contract (employee, self-employed, civil servant, entrepreneur, free-lance consultant, military service, etc.);
  • Voluntary work must be comparable to full-time work, both in terms of number of hours worked and duration;
  • Internship / traineeship are considered as working experience only if acquired after the date on which the studies giving access to the competition was obtained and when they are relevant to the advertised duties;
  • Obligatory / Compulsory military service will be taken into consideration for a period not exceeding the legal duration of said service in the member state of which you are a national. Determination of relevance of this service will be considered on a case-by-case basis;
  • Maternity leave / parental leave / leave for adoption: this leave will be taken into consideration if it is in the framework of a work contract. If the event (birth or adoption) happens when you are unemployed, the corresponding leave will not be taken into consideration;
  • Part-time work: part-time work will be calculated on a pro-rata basis of the time worked;
  • Further university studies completed after the educational qualification giving access to the competition at level 8 (Doctoral Degree) of the European Qualifications Framework may be assimilated to experience. The qualification must be directly relevant to the role and for a duration of three years maximum and can be unpaid.

6) The official languages of the Agency are English and French. In your application, you should specify your level of knowledge of these languages. We are a highly multicultural organisation, and knowledge of any other European language or languages will be useful, so please list all your language skills.

7) Be as specific and concise as possible in your online application and Europass CV. If we need further information, we will ask you directly later on in the application process.


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