Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What deadlines does EUROCONTROL apply for job applications?

Vacancies are usually published four weeks before the closing date (this may be extended during holiday periods). The closing date for submitting your application is indicated in the job offer. The closing date and time is strictly applied, so it is very important that you respect it if seeking to make an application. We do not accept applications that arrive after a vacancy has closed unless there have been technical issues on our side with the tool.

Can I apply for several jobs at the same time?

Of course. If there is more than one job on offer that you feel corresponds to your profile and career goals, you may apply for two or more jobs simultaneously.

How should I prepare for interview if I am offered one?

Our interviews are competency-based and last for approximately one hour, with a panel of interviewers from different business areas to ensure balance. The interview will look at your motivation, job-related knowledge, and the technical/behavioural competencies required for the position advertised. We recommend that you look closely at the job requirements as described in the Notice of Competition, and visit the EUROCONTROL website to ensure you have a sound understanding of the role of the Agency.

When will I hear about the status of my application?

You can be told about your application status at any stage after the closing date.

The Recruitment team is available for any questions you might have about the selection process, before making an application or during the application process. We encourage you to ask questions that will help you to decide whether the job or our environment is a good match for you.

Please note that we give oral feedback only to candidates who have been invited for interview.

I applied last year and was not selected. Can I re-apply?

Yes, not having been selected for one job does not affect your eligibility to be considered for another position. Each candidate for each job is assessed according to his/her merits and suitability for the role offered. If you feel your profile matches another job advertised, we would encourage you to apply for it.

If I am offered an interview, will my travel expenses be refunded?

Yes, travel costs of candidates invited for interview (or assessment centre) will be reimbursed up to a certain ceiling. Detailed information will be given to you should you be invited for interview.